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National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute, CNR ITC (Coordinator)

ITC is one of the research institutes of the National Research Council (CNR), an Italian public body whose activities include studies, experiments and certifications on buildings (materials and compo-nents); evaluation of innovative construction products and certification; research on computerbased applications to support the innovation of construction processes/products; environmental sustainability considering the quality of life in our cities, both for inhabitants and the environment; and also research on usability in the built environment, with special attention to housing for older and disabled people.

ITC has already participated in several EU projects within FP6 and FP7, and for specific DGs, both as a coordinator and as a partner. In STAGE it is the coordinator and also performs a key role in co-designing and dissemination activities.



CEDEO is an Italian firm involved in design and development of new technologies, and deployment and management of new products and services based on its solutions. It has full command of all media related technologies and the means to transform them into products and services. The primary business enabler is Platform for Digital Asset Trading that includes tools to offer services to users who want to do business with content on the web.

CEDEO has already developed a range of services, web applications, mobile applications for Android and iOS and Smart TV applications, as well as plugins for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. CEDEO’s servi-ces are currently operated via the Turin-based TopIX, a semi-public consortium managing the Internet Exchange infrastructure. CEDEO has a 6-year long experience in European FP7 and Regional projects. In STAGE it will develop both the ICT platform (system and archite-cture) and its streaming and e-commerce features.


Accademia Nazionale Cultura Sportiva - ANCS

The Sports Cultural Amateur Association, National Academy of Sports Culture (ANCS) has an interdisciplinary structure with mainly educational, scientific and research interests. Its aim is the prevention and treatment of mental and physical health problems associated with aging. Thanks to a teamwork of sports doctors, psychologists, nurses, graduates in physical education and in physical therapy, ANCS operates in the field of health, motor activity and care of the elderly, disadvantaged and disabled people.

For over six years, ANCS has been present in most of the regions of Italy, offering projects aimed to the development of intercultural ac-tivities and socialization, involving every year about 3,500 seniors. It also works as a training centre for curricular apprenticeships for the Faculty of Sport Sciences and for the University of Rome “Tor Verga-ta”. In STAGE ANCS will be actively involved in supporting the co-de-sign process, while organising and supervising meetings with users, and will play an integral part in dissemination activities in Italy.



SIVECO ROMANIA SA has become one of the most important Romanian providers and software integrators of Enterprise Resource Management License and Maintenance, eLearning, eGovernment, e-Health, eBusiness, eAgriculture, eCustoms solutions and turnkey projects, acting both on national and international markets. Further-more, it has developed and implemented solutions to improve the management of the health insurance funds and for increasing the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services.

It is also involved as technological partner in a number of European Projects (AAL, FP6, FP7, ITEA2, EUREKA). In STAGE, SIVECO will manage user and providers profiles on the platform, and will deve-lop the social network and eLearning features, as well as the mobile applications interfacing with server side through APIs.


Georama LLC

Georama LLC is a SME based in Cyprus. It offers scientific and professional solutions in IT and Geo-informatics. Its goal is to support its clients and partners in the responsible and successful completion of projects. The products and services span state-of-the art knowledge and technology from spatial/image information acquisition, processing, and analysis to representation and visualisation. Georama acts on projects concerning Geo-informatics and IT in the broader extent, such as software development, mobile & web applica-tions, GIS, geo-databases & data mining, photogrammetry & computer vision, remote sensing, imaging, 3D modelling, cartography, mapping, and surveying.

Georama personnel have been involved in 3 FP7 projects, 2 AAL projects and 1 LLP project. In STAGE it will contribute to mobile apps specifications, especially by designing user interfaces and layouts based on responsive design, as well as supporting SIVECO for con-tent management on the platform.


ASM - Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd.

ASM is a Polish consulting company specialized in market research, business analysis and socio-economic studies. ASM is an expert in market and impact analysis, evaluation studies, analysis of different stakeholders’ needs, motivations, behavioural patterns, attitudes and satisfaction, linking R&D with industries and society, exploitation plans, innovative business models, and dissemination activities.

ASM has long and broad experience in EU projects since FP5 ASM participated in over 40 EU funded project as a partner and coordi-nator (FP5-FP7, H2020, IEE, Third Country Nationals, AAL). In STA-GE ASM will be in charge to define and validate a business plan for the STAGE product exploitation and marketing, including market analysis and playing a main role in dissemination activities.


Pannon Business Network Association, PBN

Pannon Business Network Association is a leading economic development organisation in the West Pannon region of Hungary. PBN is supporting national goals in the field of economic development. The network engages in cooperation and networking within the regional industrial parks and clusters. From 2013 PBN is in charge as a Tech-nical Secretariat, partner of the regional government and of the National Ministries for planning and implementing ERDF projects of 2014-2020. PBN is maintaining close cooperation with regional and international institutions. Since its foundation, due to Hungarian regions specific features, it has focused on research topics in the ICT- Health-Elderly care area. Its staff and experts are dedicated profe-ssionals coming from academia and consultancy.

PBN Association has massive former experiences in health related projects.  In STAGE it will be actively involved in organising meetings with users in Hungary and supporting the co-design process. As a member of the project’s Ethical Committee, it will be in charge of closely monitoring privacy and ethical issues during the experimentation with users.


Materia Group - AgeCare (Cyprus) Ltd

Materia Group is a private social enterprise in Cyprus. It is a multi-shareholder organization which provides a wide range of care, nursing and rehabilitation services to the elderly population of Cyprus, either at the clients’ homes or at Materia’s three facilities in Nicosia. It is considered the main private sector provider of holistic services to the elderly on the island. Its management and operation are based on a multidisciplinary approach, aiming at the best possible services for end users and their families. Materia Group manages a database of elderly people in the Nicosia region, mainly its current rehab alumni clients.

It was a co-founder of the NGO Gerontology Research Center ( along with the University of Nicosia.  In STAGE Materia Group will be actively involved in organising meetings with users in Cyprus and supporting the co-design process. As a member of the project’s Ethical Committee, it will be in charge of closely monitoring privacy and ethical issues during the experimentation with users.


Co-Funding Institutions

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Il progetto STAGE (AAL-2015-1-014) riceve fondi dal Programma AAL, co-finanziato dalla Commissione Europea e dagli Enti di Finanziamento Nazionali di Cipro, Italia, Polonia, Romania e Ungheria


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