The pilot trials have started

Graphics presenting a paper sheet for testing 

The first prototype of the STAGE platform is being tested by older users. The pilot trials are the crucial part, the moment in which the co-design principles underpinning the project are finally being applied by directly involving older people in the design and development of the STAGE platform.

The three involved countries – Cyprus, Hungary and Italy – have started the trials between 12 June and 1 July 2017. They will last for one year, until 30 June 2018.

Currently, a total number of 60 users are involved, a figure which is going to increase in the next few months.

End-user organisations belonging to the STAGE Consortium arranged meetings with older users.

The platform and its main features were illustrated, users accessed the actual platform for the first time and started using it for watching and searching for videos, with the assistance of project staff. Their first reaction was positive overall, although some predictable difficulties appeared when carrying out specific tasks.

In the upcoming weeks and months, further periodical meetings will be arranged both to ask users to provide feedback about their experience with the platform and to test new features and the adjustments made according to their suggestions. This will allow a remarkable improvement of the platform’s features, including the interface and generally the overall user experience.

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