After the STAGE demonstration event

On 17 January 2019 the STAGE demonstratory event took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. After welcome by event organisers and Charalambos Papatryfonos of Research Promotion Foundation from Cyprus, the project coordinator, Luigi Biocca, introduced the audience to the project idea and objectives. Next, Sotia Nicolau of Materia the STAGE Platform presented the STAGE streaming platform offering cultural content.

The presentation of the platform functionalisites was followed by live streaming a musical performance that was taking place at the same time on Materia's premises. After successful demonstration of the Platform, Paweł Nowakowski of ASM oultined the market approach incuding target groups, an added value of the service and market drivers for cultural institutions to join the platform. He also outlined the basics of a business model and plan that precies that the Platform will be operating as a marketplace for cooperating cultutal institutions that will be selling their content to individual and institutional users in various packages.

The event was organized by Georama and Materia.

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Il progetto STAGE (AAL-2015-1-014) riceve fondi dal Programma AAL, co-finanziato dalla Commissione Europea e dagli Enti di Finanziamento Nazionali di Cipro, Italia, Polonia, Romania e Ungheria


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