User engagement

STAGE uses a co-design methodology based on the active cooperation with the elderly people in designing an ICT service which provides accessible cultural content for this target group. End users have been involved in the design process, giving their preferences and opinions, thus providing useful information to the successful development of the platform.

Among the STAGE project partners there are three end user organisations (MATERIA from Cyprus, PBN from Hungary and ANCS from Italy) which involved their members in the project.

The STAGE Consortium prepared two questionnaires addressed to the STAGE’s end users, gathering the knowledge on their habits and preferences about the STAGE final platform.

The first questionnaire identified impressions or opinions of the elderly people involved about cultural activities and events. Its aim was also to gather information such as health conditions of the participants, their educational level and technological skills.  That was the main goal to develop and to adjust the STAGE’s user profile.

The second one focused on the technical issues concerning the ICT platform. The aim of the survey was to know potential users’ preferences/opinions  about the STAGE platform graphical user interface (GUI), namely layout and functionality.

A detailed description and interpretation of the data collected in the questionnaires will be provided in a paper that is going to be published by the representatives of the STAGE Consortium (see Scientific Papers), in addition to being reported in project documents.

The first prototype of the platform will be created on the basis of the information gathered from the respondents. Then a group of potential end users will test it for one year, and the final version will be developed after collecting further information and feedback.

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A STAGE projektje (AAL-2015-1-014) az AAL program által kerül finanszírozásra az Európai Bizottság és a magyar, ciprusi, olasz, lengyel és román vonatokozó hatóságok társfinanszírozásával.


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