Cooperation opportunity

STAGE is strongly focused on the commercial aspect of the developed service. We believe in the market success of the project because it addresses specific target groups that have hardly been directly addressed by high culture providers so far.

The Project Consortium will prepare advanced market analyses to develop prosperous solutions for the stakeholders and the customers. Indeed, two alternative business models about STAGE will be prepared and considered in order to make the ICT platform as successful as possible.

Currently the Project Consortium have been looking for private and public cultural institutions willing to participate in the experimentation of the STAGE platform.

We offer our help in technological issues related to delivering cultural contents in the streaming platform.

After the ICT platform is commercialized, a collaboration will be sought with such entities as:

  • software developers and providers;
  • agencies selling tickets for different cultural events;
  • web services linked to culture and promotion of cultural events;
  • advertising agencies.
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A STAGE projektje (AAL-2015-1-014) az AAL program által kerül finanszírozásra az Európai Bizottság és a magyar, ciprusi, olasz, lengyel és román vonatokozó hatóságok társfinanszírozásával.


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