Work plan

The development, delivery and deployment of STAGE is carried out according to the following stages:

  1. User involvement: selection of older users (informed consent, privacy), information to selected users, definition of user needs and expectations through co-design activities;  
  2. Development and implementation: development of the ICT platform, design and construction of the systems network, putting in place, development of training material for users, definition of the implementation setting for the pilot trial;
  3. Pilot trial: interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, training and assistance;
  4. Dissemination and exploitationdissemination of the results, business plan and market assessment;
  5. Management: prepare the management plan and its annexes, plan and organise meetings, monitor progress and quality of work throughout the project.

Project activities are orgnised according to the following Workpackages:

WP1 – Definition of user requirements, preparation of user settings and ethical issues;
WP2 – Development and implementation of the ICT platform;
WP3 – Testing, evaluation and validation in user environment settings;
WP4 – Dissemination, exploitation and business development;
WP5 – Management and coordination.

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