One of the most important features of the STAGE project is that the proposed technology is conceived to comply with accessibility, which is ensured by the implementation of the idea of co-design methodology.

The platform will be compatible with the most popular operating systems and devices with ac-cess to the Internet, e.g. computers, smartphones, and smart TVs.

The streaming platform will be developed using open source programming languages and the extended Application Programming Interface (API) that will guarantee the interoperability of the platform, also strengthened by the use of docker containers.

The ICT platform will adopt the Drupal 7 Content Management Framework, which is a widely re-cognized tool, known for its high standards and quality. As a database system, STAGE will use MySQL – also a well-known open source database management system. The platform will be or-ganized according to load balancing techniques that will ensure appropriate efficacy.

The ICT platform will also include an option to purchase access to the events, using facilitated online payments. This procedure will be experimented with users during the pilot trial, deploying several virtual payment methods, to simulate actual purchases.

STAGE diagram

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The STAGE project (AAL-2015-1-014) is funded by AAL Programme, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Romania


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