The ambition of STAGE is to offer elderly people online access to cultural events and cultural content, in particular to theatre plays, concerts, opera performance and museum exhibits, that is easy, tailored to their needs, and affordable.

The objective is to develop an ICT platform with the aim of experimentation and, later, commercial distribution via video streaming technology of cultural content to elderly people.
The platform will have a customised interface and will make content available for use on common digital devices connected to the Internet.

The ICT platform will be also equipped with informative content about the available events and with a dedicated social network that will enable users to write comments and discuss their opinions and experience with the platform. Thus STAGE will improve their social participation and help reduce digital divide by increasing their computer literacy.

The STAGE platform will offer digital tickets available at affordable prices. It will also provide e-Learning features, including training and support guidance and information about the events (i.e. historical background, cultural context etc.).


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The idea of the project meets the current trends towards focusing on leisure and education of elderly people. Apart from entertainment goals, cultural and social activities are also strongly beneficial for their health – in particular for their cognitive capacities.

Elderly people are interested in culture and entertainment in general, and usually have enough free time to engage in such activities. However, some of them face obstacles that often make enjoying participation in higher culture almost impossible. The barriers are connected with health conditions, but also with economical, infrastructural, mobility and accessibility impediments that sometimes are very difficult to overcome.

Therefore, STAGE will provide a cultural offer adjusted for elderly people (although the concept can easily be extended to other sectors of the population).  It will include selected events from the international scene and will be initially available in English, Greek, Hungarian and Italian. After the project end, and as the service develops, the scope of available languages will be increased. 

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The STAGE project (AAL-2015-1-014) is funded by AAL Programme, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Romania



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