STAGE poster presented at the AAL Forum

The STAGE Coordinator –– the National Research Council’s Institute for Construction Technolo-
gies –– presented the STAGE project during a poster session at the AAL Forum, which took place on 26-28 September 2016 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The poster session was a dedicated part
of the AAL Forum, where projects associated with AAL Programme were presented to the broa-
der audience. In addition to that, the STAGE was presented through a visualization that was de-
livered thanks to the work of the project partners: SIVECO, CEDEO and Georama.

The participation at the AAL Forum was a valuable experience. Apart from a chance to popular-
ise our project, we could deepen our knowledge on the subject, as well as get some feedback from the experts who were very interested in the STAGE project. That motivates us to increased work for the successful implementation of the STAGE platform.

Click to download the STAGE poster.











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