STAGE Business Model Workshops

As part of business model development, the STAGE project conducted external consultations with experts in order to verify the market and business approach that had been prepared by STAGE as a result of a market analysis.

It was decided that the workshops would be organized in Hungary, Italy and Cyprus, the STAGE case study countries, that is, the countries in languages of which the STAGE Platform was operating and in which it was tested by end users taking part in the project. The rationale behind it was to discuss the project business approach with national experts so that to gain more knowledge from national perspectives of case study countries. Since the STAGE Platform has operated in three quite different countries, with different history, socio-cultural and economic conditions, it is important to identify special characteristics, opportunities and issues that should be taken into account before and during commercialization and marketing strategies.

STAGE Business Model Workshop, Italy
STAGE Business Model Workshop, Italy

 Half-day meetings with national experts were held on the premises of CNR (Italy), PBN (Hungary) and Materia (Cyprus), and were carried out under the lead of ASM that manages market analyses and business development in the STAGE project. The workshops took place in the following order:

  • Milan, 3 July 2018
  • Szombethely, 5 November 2018
  • Nicosia, 23 November 2018.

In every workshop two or three experts participated that were selected and invited based on their expertise. Each meeting had a similar structure and agenda so that to ensure the methodological validity and comparability of results. Therefore, it was necessary that in every workshop experts with two kinds of expertise participated:

  • expertise in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI);
  • expertise in the field of business modelling/ planning. 
Business Model Workshop, Hungary
Business Model Workshop, Hungary

All experts signed agreements which specified terms and conditions of mutual cooperation. Due to a restricted character of project documents and information regarding business aspects, experts could receive only partial data about the STAGE business approach, therefore in the first step of each workshop STAGE partners presented the project and the platform, the added value of the STAGE platform and a market approach as well outlined the feedback received in respective countries. Nevertheless, in accordance with the agreements between the STAGE partners, the name of a potential commercializing entity was not revealed. Subsequently, experts gave presentations after which open discussions took place in which main issues were addressed. 

Business Model Workshops, Cyprus
Business Model Workshops, Cyprus

Presentations, results of discussions and particularly written recommendations for the STAGE project delivered by experts after the workshops allowed to improve and deepen the perspective of commercialization of the STAGE platform.

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